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Give the gift of courage-through-curiosity to your child, grandchild, neice or nephew.  Giving feels good, especially when you are sharing the gift of courage and overcoming fear.

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Join us in an enchanting immersion into the world of The Little Water Drop as she floats beyond her life inside a fish bowl and into the unknown lured by curiosity.  Along the way, she conquers her fear gaining new friends and confidence from her experiences. The Little Water Drop, is a celebration of opportunity, growth and the comfort of home and a reminder that the only mistake in life is being too afraid to try.

Meet the Creators

Written by musician, engineer and accidental author Max Forstater, The Little Water Drop strikes a clever chord as the reader floats along the cycles of water and recognizes the ups and downs experienced when you face, own and conquer your fears.   Illustrated by visual strategist and designer Danielle Louise with a fluid mix of pen and ink, charcoal and watercolor, each scene immerses you in the emotional voyage from curiosity to courage to confidence, armed with new experiences, new friends and the comfort of knowing you can always come home.
Max Forstater

Author, Max Forstater

Danielle Louise

Illustrator, Danilou Illustrates

Have you ever been afraid to try something new?


a new food?
a new sport?
a new activity?

New things can be scary, but they can also be wonderful once you give them a try.


…make new friends if you didn’t walk up and say, “Hi, let’s play ” or  meet your favorite teacher if you were afraid to go to a new school on the first day or learn that you were an incredible you if you didn’t give yourself the chance to try new things?


Without trying, we become stuck inside who we are today and miss out on knowing what we might become, who we could meet or where we may end up tomorrow. The more you try, the more you will learn, especially if you make mistakes along the way. The more you learn, the more you will grow, and the more you grow, the more you will become the person you are meant to be.